About Us

Based in San Francisco, CERR® is a majority woman- and minority-owned business, and was founded by the wife and husband team of Shagun and Luke Tougas. We are industry professionals with extensive experience and functional backgrounds in utility regulatory affairs, program design and implementation, and consulting in the fields of energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed generation.

Throughout our careers, we have developed a passion for clean energy programs that help reduce our impact on the environment. Despite having grown up in two different parts of the world, India and Vermont, we share a common belief – these programs are important resources that should continue to be cultivated in order to reduce our carbon footprint while growing the economy.

Working in the utility industry, we learned first-hand how cumbersome the regulatory process for clean energy programs can be. Monitoring the abundance of regulatory documents in order to stay apprised of policies that impact clean energy programs can be a time consuming endeavor for those industry professionals wanting to stay informed on the latest state-level regulatory developments. This challenge is further exacerbated by the balkanized system of state regulatory commissions’ regulatory processes and protocols. However, failing to maintain an awareness of regulatory developments can lead to missed opportunities.

Hence was born the idea to provide CaseCache - a national database of regulatory documents of regulated electric and gas utility customer-side clean energy programs.

Shagun Tougas, Co-Founder

Shagun Tougas


Shagun leads the operations for CERR. She has over fifteen years of combined experience in program management and consulting in utility energy efficiency and distributed generation programs.  She has worked on projects for the California Energy Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Agency for International Development.

Prior to starting CERR, Shagun led a team at ICF International to further the adoption of the ENERGY STAR standard in utility energy efficiency programs. She also led teams at Pacific Gas and Electric Company to design, manage, and implement residential energy efficiency and solar programs.

Shagun holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from San Jose State University.

Luke Tougas, Co-Founder

Luke Tougas


Luke is the principal consultant for CERR. He has over twelve years of utility regulatory and policy experience in demand response, resource planning and capacity markets, and distributed generation, and has served as an expert witness at the California Public Utilities Commission.  He has also advocated at the PUC and ISO/RTO levels, and has extensive experience with drafting testimony and other pleadings.

Prior to starting CERR, Luke held senior policy positions at Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Consolidated Edison Company of New York, and was a regional manager for a major national distributor of solar energy products.

Luke holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Saint Michael’s College, and a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Erin Geyer, Director of Technology

Erin Geyer

Director of Technology

Erin brings over 20 years of of web development and software engineering experience to CERR, leading and managing the development of CERR's web application.

After working for a handful of technology companies, including a major interactive agency where she was involved in high-profile projects for Apple, HP, RIM, ESPN, Tesla Motors and other internationally recognized brands, she launched her own business as an independent developer and consultant. Since then she has led the full-stack development of enterprise web applications, e-commerce websites, as well as iOS and Android mobile apps for clients large and small.

Discovering a passion for the world of web development and technology at 15 years old, Erin has spent tens of thousands of hours of hands-on immersion and to this day has the same level of dedication to this constantly evolving industry.